THERMOBOOST is simplicity itself to install yourself or you may want to call one of our registered list of installers see below.

ThermoBoost comes in two types of packaging. Firstly a simple 500ml bottle for pouring into the header tank or into a towel rail and secondly an injector cartridge for injecting it into a pressurised system or a radiator directly.

FIRSTLY turn off your heating

If you have a header tank in the loft or the high point of your house then you can follow these instructions for non-pressurised systems and use the 500 ml bottle – Tie up the ball valve in Header tank so it doesn’t allow further water into the tank and pour entire contents of bottle into header tank, drain off sufficient water below to allow Thermoboost to enter system. Untie ball valve and allow tank to refill and run system as normal.

For pressurised systems or for injecting directly into a radiator you can use the injector cartridge – Before you start this procedure make sure you have a bottle of Thermoboost injector, a cartridge gun, a suitable air bleed key, a towel/cloth and a jug or bowel to collect any excess water. Find a radiator in your house where you can access the air bleed screw. 

Turn of the valves both sides of the radiator to isolate it from the system. Using a sharp knife cut the top off the injector cartridge so that the Thermoboost gel is visible, fix the red nozzle and put the injector cartridge into a cartridge gun. Taking care, remove the air bleed screw and a quantity of water to reduce the pressure. Once you have allowed sufficient water out of the radiator place the red nozzle into the air bleed hole and by squeezing the gun add the entire contents of the bottle of Thermoboost. Make sure you inject the complete contents of Thermoboost into you radiator and replace the air bleed screw.  Re-open valves and run system as normal.


"Our Heating Bills are significantly down on last year."

− Engineering Plant, Surrey

"Our radiators are significantly hotter; one in particular never got that warm before."

− Mr S.H. – Homeowner Harrogate

"On reviewing our past four years heating bills, we are looking at 18%

lower consumption of oil after adding ThermoBoost. We look forward to future savings this year."

− Residential Care Centre East Grinstead, West Sussex

"At £60 this product proves to be one of my best investments this year!

A saving of over double that in the last 6 months goes a long way to justifying this product as worthwhile – well done!"

− Homeowner, Basildon, Essex

"There was a marked difference in the before and after addition (of ThermoBoost). If the
claims of money saving are equally impressive I will be over the moon. Extremely pleased with my purchase and now recommending this product to family and friends."

− BFFC – Edinburgh

"Based on my tests I am convinced that this product will save me money and with the prices we pay for Oil it will more than pay for itself."

− P.D. Highlands, Scotland