THERMOBOOST is the result of over 7 years of development in fluid heat transfer technologies. This research has resulted in a super efficient additive for heating systems which improves the efficiency of wet water heating systems resulting in lower running costs. THERMOBOOST works in 3 primary ways to improve the efficiency of a heating system.

THERMOBOOST’s advanced formula alters the heating capacity of water, improves the heat transfer between heat exchange surfaces and lubricates the system for maximum performance.

The graph shows the improvement in the temperature of the room against the relative boiler temperature settings when Thermoboost is added.

The diagram below shows how adding THERMOBOOST to the system water improves heat transfer between the hot areas (heat exchangers, radiators) and the areas where the heat is to be transferred (boiler to system water or the room in the case of the radiator) By reducing the contact drag and improving flow over the contact surface area the heat transfer area is increased resulting in better efficiency, quicker warm up times and improved room heat.

THERMOBOOST is compatible with corrosion inhibitors and is non hazardous to the environment. THERMOBOOST is compatible with all metal systems and will not harm plastic piping. It works with all water based heating systems.

THERMOBOOST may be installed directly into a pressurised system using the injector cartridge TB 275 or added into a system from the convenient 500ml bottle TB500. See instructions provided on the bottle. One bottle or cartridge treats an average system of 100 litres (10 rads)

"Our Heating Bills are significantly down on last year."

− Engineering Plant, Surrey

"Our radiators are significantly hotter; one in particular never got that warm before."

− Mr S.H. – Homeowner Harrogate

"On reviewing our past four years heating bills, we are looking at 18%

lower consumption of oil after adding ThermoBoost. We look forward to future savings this year."

− Residential Care Centre East Grinstead, West Sussex

"At £60 this product proves to be one of my best investments this year!

A saving of over double that in the last 6 months goes a long way to justifying this product as worthwhile – well done!"

− Homeowner, Basildon, Essex

"There was a marked difference in the before and after addition (of ThermoBoost). If the
claims of money saving are equally impressive I will be over the moon. Extremely pleased with my purchase and now recommending this product to family and friends."

− BFFC – Edinburgh

"Based on my tests I am convinced that this product will save me money and with the prices we pay for Oil it will more than pay for itself."

− P.D. Highlands, Scotland